NTCC To Host "Know Your Rights" October 24th Featuring Lorenzo Azar Banks, Esq.

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

The pandemic is happening alongside great civil unrest. NTCC will host a "Know Your Rights: the Do's and Don'ts of Police Stops and Interactions" as a part of the Surviving COVID-19 in North Tulsa Collective Conversation Series.

Join us Saturday October 24 at 10am on Facebook Live

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Lorenzo Azar Banks is a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, but currently resides in Oklahoma City. He originally moved there to attend college and had plans of pursuing a career in education. In 2005, he obtained his undergraduate degree in Mathematics Education from the University of Central Oklahoma. Soon after graduating, he entered graduate school to study applied mathematics; taking another step closer to his ultimate educational goal of becoming a doctor of mathematics. While pursuing his graduate studies, his life changed dramatically when he was named a defendant in a frivolous lawsuit. At that time, he had no means of hiring an attorney to defend him, so he took on the task of defending himself. After getting the plaintiff to dismiss the case, the foundations for his destiny became firmly laid. He decided to begin applying to law schools and was admitted to Oklahoma City University School of Law in 2008. He graduated, passed the bar, and soon became the founder and owner of Minority Report Law PLLC, a law firm that provides legal services in the state of Oklahoma. His main goal with starting the firm was to make sure that no one ever felt as hopeless as he did in their own legal battles. In April of 2016, Minority Report Law Office became a partner in Banks | Gilbert | Gillett PLLC. In addition to running a successful law practice, Lorenzo also serves as the Assistant Director of Admissions and Director of Diversity Initiatives for Oklahoma City University School of Law. His dual role as a law admissions staff member and a practicing attorney allows him to have a unique and practical perspective into the need for diversity in the legal community. He uses this perspective to actively seek out, admit, and mentor law students into his law school in hopes to supply well-trained lawyers to the legal community—his focus particularly being on women and students of color. Lorenzo is an active member of the Oklahoma Bar Association, the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and the Oklahoma City Association of Black Lawyers. He volunteers his time and services through a number of different programs where he gives free advice and services to veterans and the black communities.

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