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NTCC's Education Task Force Launches Intergenerational Book Club

The Education Task Force will launch the Unity Book Club on Friday April 23 at 1pm.

The aim of the North Tulsa Unity Book Club (UBC) is to create a space to bring all ages together over great literature. This includes students (6-12th grade), families, and senior citizens living, working, or worshiping in north Tulsa zip codes 74106, 74126, 74127, 74110, 74130. All are welcome!

Join us at the live launch to learn:

1) How to join the Unity Book Club 2) Hear about the scholarship opportunity 3) Cast your vote for the books to be read

UBC subcommittee members engaged with north Tulsa literacy advocates to ask them what their hopes for an intergenerational book club would be. Check out the videos below!

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