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Joyful Movement North Tulsa Returns June 2021!

The Health and Healthcare Taskforce is excited to being back the Joyful Movement North Tulsa Initiative for Summer of 2021!

The effort will kickoff with a community celebration on Saturday June 5 at Chamberlain Park from 5-7pm. The 10 week challenge will begin Thursday June 10th. More details to come!

Joyful Movement North Tulsa (JMNT) is an interactive activity to encourage physical activity and movement as a means of improving mental health.  JMNT will be held in partnership with north Tulsa partners such as the Jane A. Malone Center at Chamberlain Park. It will be offered as a continuous series of events designed to improve mental health and physical activity among north Tulsa residents, primarily living in zip code 74126.  

JMNT is an initiative of the North Tulsa Community Coalition (NTCC). NTCC is a 501(C)(3) that  implements and supports sustained opportunities for residents in North Tulsa zip codes -74106, 74110, 74126, 74127, 74130, - to achieve improved health outcomes and quality of life.

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